IV2 at the 2023 Los Angeles Marathon EXPO

IV2 at the 2023 Los Angeles Marathon EXPO

The Los Angeles Marathon, renowned for its iconic course winding through the picturesque streets of Los Angeles, attracts runners from across the globe, and on March of 2023, we showcased IV2 to the participants during the LA Marathon Expo.

The expo, buzzing with energy and excitement, was a perfect stage for IV2 as runners sampled our Tropical Punch flavored hydration, exchanging stories about their training regimens and discussing the importance of proper hydration in optimizing performance.

Marathon participants were particularly intrigued by our commitment to providing a product that not only hydrates but also supports muscle recovery through essential amino acids.

Runners were eager to experience the sugar-free, amino acid-powered revolution on their next run, making the LA Marathon Expo the launchpad for IV2.

We are passionate to hydrate the runners and become the go-to electrolyte on every run.

Drink your passion and feel the NEXT LEVEL HYDRATION through IV2.

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