The journey of IV2 started in May of 2017.

I often hopelessly watched soldiers in our unit experiencing dehydration

during the intense training sessions. Since training sessions usually took place on a mountain, dehydrated soldiers had to be carried down the hill for hours by their fellow soldiers to receive the treatment.

I sought a way to rehydrate them more efficiently than the time-consuming, restrictive IV shot treatment. So, I teamed up with my two fellow military doctors,

and that summer, we developed our first electrolyte drink mix called Lingtea.

What started as a simple idea turned into a legitimate project, receiving awards from both the Chief of Staff of the Army of the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea Secretary of Defense.

Lingtea is now South Korea’s #1 electrolyte drink mix. And here comes IV2, the upgraded version of our already-perfect product. Just like we did in South Korea, we want to show our respect and gratitude to the service members and veterans of the United StatesYou make it possible for us to continue donations and social activities here in the United States.

I ask for your constant interest and support.

Thank you.


Aaron Lee, CEO of IV2 Group Inc.