What did IV2 do this year?

What did IV2 do this year?

It's been a crazy fun year for IV2 thanks to you. After our successful kickstart, here is what we did in 2023.

In February, we were proudly the Official On-Course Electrolyte for the Surf City Marathon held in the scenic Huntington Beach of California. The participants were hydrated by IV2 at the water stations throughout all courses of the run.

-IV2 at the Surf City Marathon-


Starting with the Surf City Marathon, we met countless more runners at 15 big and small marathons, including the Los Angeles Marathon, Orange County Marathon, and the San Francisco Marathon.

-IV2 at the Los Angeles Marathon EXPO-


Not only that, we visited local running clubs such as the Long Beach Running Club, Pasadena Pacers, and many more to hydrate their runs. Until now, we've been to 35 running clubs... and counting! 


-IV2 at Long Beach Running Club-


On top of runners, we have been passionately hydrating riders, triathletes, pickleball players, and more who are in the athletic field. (Or just anyone who needs NEXT LEVEL HYDRATION)

And finally, in September, we released the UPGRADED version of our Tropical Punch flavor. The new Tropical Punch flavor has been made with the countless feedback on the original Tropical Punch, and customers have been enjoying it even more. (You can purchase the new Tropical Punch IV2 here)

We also made sure to give back whenever possible. So far, we have donated more than 10,000 packets of IV2 to service members. And this is just the beginning; we will continue to donate to the ones in need. (For donation inquiries, please contact info@iv2-hydration.com)

That's a wrap, what a year! We can't thank you, enough for this year as we couldn't have done it if we didn't have you guys. 

But we are just beginning. We can't wait to share what we have planned for 2024 (such as IV2's new flavor..? 🍋) so please stay tuned!

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